Deja vu Wednesday…

8 Jun

I confess, I packed the same lunch as I did yesterday for my daughter, except that her onigiri was triangular. 

Yesterday’s lunch was actually a home-run, so I didn’t feel too guilty; however, I know it can get monotonous with the same lunch day in and out.  I just … was a bit overwhelmed and exhausted last night, so my creative cap wasn’t functioning properly.

The non-steroid cream seemed to have worked, and this morning, I gave her the recommended amount of probiotic, bee pollen, and an anti-histamine tablet.  I did not receive a call from the school, so I’m cautiously optimistic we may have found a solution.

To recap:

Onigiri with dry-sauteed kohlrabi leaves and katsuobushi seasoned with black sesame seeds and soy sauce

Roasted beets

Blanched, well-drained and cut watercress with sesame seeds and soy sauce

Turkey meatballs

Blanched asparagus  – my daughters keep calling them “beans” for some reason.  I keep correcting them, but to no avail…



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