Hazy lazy Thursday bento

9 Jun

Spring never bothered to check in, and we are sweltering in hot, hazy, muggy, heat – in the beginning of June!

Today’s lunch broke away from my onigiri streak – partially because the girls will be having onigiri bento for my older daughter’s Undo-kai, or sports day, this weekend (weather permitting).  I declined to pre-order a bento from the school – I figured my husband would prefer a sandwich – so my intentions are to pack a fun lunch with boiled eggs in cute shapes, mini-sausage, vegetable sticks, and fruit for the onigiri eaters, and a sandwich for my husband.

Today I packed:

Thai rice noodle salad with a Spenmax twist – julienned celery, carrots, bok choy, kohlrabi leaves sautéed very quickly over high heat, and then tossed with pre-cooked rice noodles (conventional) in a soy-sauce-sesame oil-ginger-lemon juice dressing.  Spenmax, since authentic Thai cuisine would have more complex flavors, and most likely include peanuts.  I love that Makinajian Poultry Farm has a lot of home-grown produce for sale, so I can add and experiment with various flavors and textures.  Their strawberries are absolutely delicious, and I need to call in advance to have them hold a pint for me!

Boiled egg – in a heart

Blanched asparagus spears

Roasted beets

Watermelon (not shown)


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