Last week of bentos for American School until September

13 Jun

It’s hard to believe my daughter’s school is in its last week.  It feels like yesterday I started keeping track of my bentos – and I’m proud to say (to parents and husband…) SEE I’M NOT A MIKKA BOUZU!

Last Friday, my daughters and husband attended Field Day for my older one’s American school.  It was a lovely event, (I missed the meal part due to work) with pizza, vegetable sticks, salad, watermelon and ice pops enjoyed by the beach.  When I arrived to join them, I found both kids ambling through the sand with classmates.

Today’s lunch:

Grilled chicken drumstick – I marinated the drumsticks in Trader Joe’s 21 Spice Seasoning, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce and fresh pepper for about 30 minutes.  I grill these over medium low heat, and baste with the marinade periodically.  The skin crisps up, but the meat remains moist.  I usually cook a large batch as an all-purpose “back-up” meal for dinner or lunch.  Fresh lemon juice squeezed on at the end.

Onigiri  with grilled shiozake (salted salmon) center – I finally mustered enough time and strength to grill this – with the chicken drumstick.  I actually used 1:1 ratio of the multi-grain mix (Brown rice, quinoa, millet, wheat berries) with organic white rice.  The combination worked, and I was able to actually make onigiri that could retain its shape without crumbling.

Boiled quail eggs (conventional)

Roasted beet hearts

Blanched asparagus spears

I made two onigiri for the girls’ breakfast with the shiozake center.  My little one, hungry, ran to her high-chair, yelled to be seated, unwrapped the nori off of her rice ball, and dug the fish center out.  All in a matter of two minutes.

My older one meandered into to the kitchen, and methodically ate her onigiri – but sped up once I announced anyone done with breakfast will have watermelon!


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