A bunny type of bento day

20 Jun

My older one’s school ended on Friday, and my daily routine this morning, was a bit off.  The morning chaos of scrambling to make sure my daughter’s lunch box was carefully packed didn’t seem to resolve the issue of the simple disappearance of time.

Where does it go?

Saturdays still require a late-morning snack, so I packed the following:

Boiled egg – pressed into rabbit

Grape tomatoes

Blanched asparagus

Turkey meatball – defrosted and voila!

Onigiri with a bit of okaka filling

For post-school lunch, we stopped by at the Korean restaurant.  I had a delicious bowl of Naengmyeon, otherwise known in Japan as “Lei-men” (literally cold noodles), and my daughter had her haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) and a dumpling soup, or manduguk

Naengmyeon noodles have a chewy consistency I haven’t encountered in Japanese cuisine – and the chilled soup arrives with thin, crisp, radish pickle rectangles, cucumber slices, boiled beef, and an Asian pear slice.  The diner seasons the soup (and noodles) with vinegar and mustard.  (Unfortunately, I had to ask the waiter to bring this to me after a few minutes of looking at my bowl of noodles!)

I was introduced to them by a good friend of mine – and during my older daughter’s pregnancy, I craved them by the bowl during the preceding summer.

We enjoyed our “special” lunch time together, and I chuckled as she immediately dozed off in her seat as I started driving home.


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