Summer time June wrap up

30 Jun

June is winding down, and things have slowed down a little bit.  I didn’t realize how much time and energy the bento packing took – so it’s nice to have a little time in the evenings and mornings for myself… and to stop sounding like a drill sergeant trying to get the girls ready and out the door so I can get to my job in time.

Summer evenings are wonderful – the girls and I do our chores when we get home, and when time allows, we head into our backyard – the girls heading to the swing set, while I bee-line to my vegetable garden.

We have been picking lettuce, broccoli rabe and kale – and have been picking very young sweet peas which the girls have been eating by the handful.  The peas never are able to grow past the “snow pea” stage – but the ones that escape early picking by eager little hands have sweet, juicy, fresh peas that burst with color and flavor.

EDAMAME!!!” the little one exclaims – ignoring her older sister’s explanation, “It’s NOT edamameit’s peas!” 

She pulls open the pea pods, and picks away at the little pearl-sized globes of goodness.

I’ve always planted bush beans – so this year, we decided to plant pole beans. 

I now understand how “Jack and the Beanstalk” came about.  My beans have outgrown their poles, and wave themselves in the air until they grab hold of anything.  A co-worker suggested I tie string from the top of the poles to the top of my super trellis – and the beans have found this arrangement work… so far.

So far, we’ve thwarted the rabbits – and the soybeans have managed to continue growing. 

The one mistake I made this summer, was my careful cultivation and nourishing of very healthy looking weeds amongst the eggplant.  Had I not looked up to revel at how resilient eggplant seemed to be in n0-man’s land during my dog’s walk, I probably would have continued to lovingly weed around the actual weeds.

We’ll add that to my list of “not” to-do lists!


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