Natsu matsuri bento

11 Jul

A bit delayed – but for the summer festival day, I packed two bentos – one for each daughter to munch on during the late-morning snack. 

Both girls’ bentos were the same – except the little one’s cucumbers were in a separate container. 

Here’s what they had:

Onigiri with salted salmon and sesame seed furikake with an okaka center.  Strip of nori.  Again – key is to use only enough soy sauce to lightly moisten the katsuobushi, otherwise, you will be eating your onigiri with a spoon/fork!

Mini hot-dogs (conventional) scored with a pattern – I boiled them, and then cooled to room temperature before packing.  These are ALWAYS a hit with the girls.

Boiled egg – pressed into teddy bear for the older one, bunny for the little one

Roasted Chioggia beets – I was sold as soon as Tina, from Makinajian Farm, told me the beets had concentric rings when cut.  I don’t know why the colors bled together – the rings aren’t really visible – this may have to do with the way I had sliced and cut them.  They are just as sweet and earthy like the purple and yellow beets. 

Cucumber slices – conventional Armenian from Trader Joes – they are burpless, small, and sweet.  The ones from our home garden were not ready.  The little one had a separate container full of slices.

The little one was pleased to have her own little lunch box. 

“BENTO! MINE!” she proudly announced, as she bid her father goodbye.  The older one was simply glowing with excitement – she loved having her little sister at school to “show off” to the other children.


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