First bento for the fall season 2011

22 Aug

Saturday school is back in session, and thankfully, we had carefully planned our summer to ensure homework was methodically completed.  Otherwise, I imagine, Friday evening would have involved alot of catch-up and grumbling. 

Back to bento – and here’s what she had on her first day back for the fall session:

Boiled quail eggs (conventional) with carrot sticks

Blanched long beans, cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces, dressed very lightly with katsuobushi and soy sauce (carefully drained)

Cucumber slices – from the garden!

Yellow cherry tomatoes

Onigiri made with 1/2 brown, 1/4 white and 1/4 multi-grain rice.  I seasoned with gomashio (sesame salt) and the center filling was okaka, or katsuobushi with a little soy sauce – all wrapped with nori

A small container of cantaloupe was also included on the side

The second bento was for my younger daughter, who was to spend a day with Papa and his projects.  She is not too fond of raw tomatoes yet, so I did not include them in her bento box. 

For the first class, each student had to bring in an item that best captured their summer break.  My daughter took in an artichoke flower, as well as a yard-long bean that was about a 1 1/2 foot long.  She proudly said the other students took turns passing the artichoke flower around, and sniffing it.

Usually, artichokes don’t last for a long time at our house – they get steamed and eaten pretty quickly.  This particular artichoke was actually grown in our garden – and I missed the opportunity to eat it, due to various scheduling, and poor planning.  I watched as the artichoke dried up, and one day, I saw a beautiful sliver of purple escaping from the toughened, green, leaves.  My daughter couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to have the artichoke for dinner – but she was then, similarly fascinated by the thin, lavender petals that peeked through the leaves.



2 Responses to “First bento for the fall season 2011”

  1. PersephonesKitchen August 28, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    Yay! I love, love, love your bento posts. I am always inspired!

    • spenmax September 1, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

      Thank you so much – glad you stopped by. It’s been a bit interesting with the aftermath of Irene – but thankfully, we did not suffer too greatly. We are almost back into bento season again – happy September!

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