Bento full of requested items

6 Sep

On the eve of the second post-summer break Saturday of Japanese school, we had the following discussion as we were driving home from daycare:

Me: What do you want for Japanese school bento this week?

My daughter:  Mama, I want meatballies, cucumber, tomato, beets in hearts only, quail egg and an onigiri.  But I want the brown filling for the onigiri and some nori on the outside. 

I looked at my daughter in the rear-view mirror, and she looked back, confidently.  “I’m eating ALLL of it,” she circled the air in front of her with her right hand.  “Me too!” repeated her little sister, eyebrows furrowed and nodding seriously.

Hence – her lunch box per her request.

Baked turkey-oatmeal-minced carrot, celery, onion, garlic and ginger meatball

Sliced and peeled cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden

Roasted beets, cut into hearts

Onigiri with okaka filling

Boiled quail egg

Back into the swing of things we go….


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