First day of “English” school for Fall 2011

7 Sep

It’s hard to believe we’re fully into the swing of things again.  There was that faint, crispness in the air this morning, hinting of gorgeous autumn colors to shortly follow.

Today is my older daughter’s first day back at school.  We now refer to our schools based on languages spoken – English school during the week, Japanese school on Saturdays.  Either way, a bento will be packed!

In honor of the first day, I thought a little twist on the usual standby quail egg would make her smile.

Here’s what I packed:

Grilled chicken wing and drummette – pre-seasoned with Trader Joe’s 21 Spice mix and soy sauce.  I disjoined the pieces to fit them into the bento box.

Boiled quail egg with beet sliver mouths, and black sesame seed eyes and nose

Blanched soy beans – Makinajian Farm had organic ones!! It’s very hard to find these domestically and organically grown

Roasted beets cut into hearts and stars.  Chioggia beets for the stars, regular beets for the hearts

Sliced Armenian cucumbers (conventional)

Onigiri made with 1/3 white, 1/3 brown, 1/3 multi-grain (quinoa, millet, pearled barley, wheat berries) steamed rice.  Center filling is okaka, (shaved bonito with a little soy sauce to moisten) wrapped in nori.

I included a small container of cherries – but not sure if she will be able to focus on eating her lunch today. 

Hopefully we have a good start for the new school year!



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