Day 2 of the new 2011 school year

8 Sep

My daughter had a wonderful day yesterday, and she told me she enjoyed her bento.  “Mama, I liked my bento very much.  Can you make another one for tomorrow?” she asked.  The little one piped up, “A__ too, me too, bento!”  Sometimes I pack a small bento for my little one on the weekends to snack on while I am at Japanese school with my older daughter, and she happily points to it and says, “Mine!  My bento!”

Today, I packed the following items:

Grilled chicken drumstick – pre-seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Blanched broccoli, with some katsuobushi and a few drops of soy sauce for flavor

Boiled quail eggs (conventional)

Roasted Chioggi beets in plane shapes

Onigiri with steamed multi-grain (white, brown, millet, quinoa, wheat berries and barley) with toasted white sesame seeds and a little salt mixed in before I formed the onigiri.  Center is okaka (katsuobushi seasoned with soy sauce).  I’ll have to find a different filling for next week.

Two slices cucumber

Small snack container with cherries for dessert

My daughter asked for udon noodles (thick, white, wheat noodles) in soup for lunch.  I still haven’t figured out the most efficient way to transport these without having a complex assembling process at lunch… The issue being that the noodles will absorb all the soup if they are left in a container for too long.

Over the weekend, I had made udon noodles in a shiitake mushroom stock garnished with blanched watercress, carrots, napa cabbage, poached egg and an informal tablespoon of mabo-dofu (this version had sautéed ground turkey, bunashimeji mushrooms, tofu, minced garlic, minced ginger, chopped scallions, simmered in stock and seasoned with miso) left over from an earlier dinner.  I topped it off with chopped scallions from the garden.

Dear reader, any good ideas to transport this?


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