Week two of English school

12 Sep

The farm had a huge bin, full, of organic edamame.  I dug right in, and came home with a generous amount of them.  Perfect lunch side, perfect appetizer, perfectly healthy.

The boiled egg press is back out again – this time, I created a star-egg.

The chicken drumstick is baked for today’s lunch – at 325 degrees for 40 minutes.  I lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, and baked it in over-proof glassware, uncovered for the last 15 minutes. 

Onigiri with yes, okaka filling.  1:1 white and multi-grain rice mix, steamed, and mixed with roasted white sesame seeds, and a tablespoon of unseasoned katsuobushi flakes.  All wrapped together with nori.

I have ground turkey calling to be cooked this evening… perhaps meatballs, mini-burgers, or maybe mabo nasu (eggplant) or tofu… or even soboro, which is seasoned and cooked ground turkey that can be served over rice as a topping.  I use soy sauce, mirin, minced ginger, a little minced garlic, and a little miso, and simmer the whole mixture until the turkey absorbs all the flavors. 

I’ll have to contemplate the menu once the girls go to bed…



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    […] My intentions of cooking meatballs/mini-burgers/soboro/mabo-dofu went out the window last night. […]

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