Where does the time go? Tuesday bento, second week

13 Sep

The new school year means a new routine for the fall.  Due to drop-off issues, my work hours are currently 10 – 6, which means a very long day for my girls.

By the time they are eating dinner, it is close to 8:00 pm, and by then, the winds of crankiness and irrationality are starting to whirl around the kitchen. 

After an hour of coaxing them to eat, with patience running ragged, tempers starting to get stretched thin, and the exhaustion starting to set in with mother and daughters, tension mounts in the kitchen sometimes.  My intentions of preparing the next day’s bento items seem to disappear, and I have a vague recollection of cleaning up the kitchen after preparing dinner.

My intentions of cooking meatballs/mini-burgers/soboro/mabo-dofu went out the window last night.

For today, my daughter will just have to eat “her usual” for lunch:

Roasted drumstick

Roasted beets (regular and Chioggi) cut into hearts

Blanched edamame

Onigiri, seasoned with yukari, which is seasoned red shiso powder, seasoned with salt, wrapped with nori

.  I mix it into the multi-grain rice, and form into onigiri.  Today’s center is chopped Japanese pickle (cucumber and eggplant, seasoned with salt and red shiso), or shibazukeMaki from “Just Hungry” has an excellent article on pickles here.



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