Another week starts, third school week for Fall 2011

19 Sep

My weekend experience at the drive-thru made me re-think my bento and meal strategy.  I wanted to continue with the bento making, but I realize, sometimes the choices were becoming a bit redundant, especially when I was too pressed for time, and I didn’t plan in advance.

After a pleasant lunch with my older daughter’s school mates and their parents at Fortune Wheel for dim sum , I went on a cooking rampage at home.

Turkey meatballs, ground turkey soboro, mabo-nasu (eggplant with ground turkey and tofu), roasted beets, roasted chicken drumsticks and wings, vegetable (arugula) lasagna, whole wheat rotini pasta with hearty tomato sauce… I was on a mission.  For dinner, we had leftovers from last week, which allowed me to continue cooking up a storm.

I went to sleep only after I was satisfied, knowing I had a wide selection of items to freeze and to fall back on during the week.

For today’s bento, I packed:

Baked turkey-oatmeal-celery-ginger (conventional)-garlic-carrot-onion meatballs (sesame seed eyes and beet mouth)

Blanched (with the water squeezed out well) watercress, chopped into 1/2 inch pieces, seasoned with a little soy sauce and lemon juice

Boiled quail (conventional) eggs with tomatoes from the garden (sesame seed eyes)

Blanched edamame

Whole wheat rotini with tomato-maitake-celery-carrot-onion sauce


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