Meato-ballie lunch

21 Sep

I have a suspicion my daughter spends much of her time at lunch carefully eating her edamame – one bean at a time.  Sometimes her bento box is completely empty (with the exception of the empty edamame pods), while other times, all items with the exception of the edamame are barely touched.  I’m fairly certain it is similar to the “baby corn effect” where my girls will sit at the dinner table and carefully eat row by row of baby corn, spending an easy hour sitting at the dinner table.  Fun for the girls, a bit long for Mama whose mind is always racing towards the next scheduled chore after the girls have gone to bed…

For today, I decided to shell her edamame, and create a fun lunch, hopefully adding variety, as well as trying to shave off some “distraction” time.

Turkey-carrot-celery-ginger-garlic-onion-oatmeal meatball, lightly coated with a sweet/savory sauce of 1:1 of ketchup and HP sauce (and a couple of drops of Bulldog Worcestshire sauce), surrounded with shelled edamame.  Eyes of tightly wrung watercress with a mouth of beet.

Onigiri with multi-grain rice, and a center filling of finely minced blanched watercress from which I’ve wrung out as much liquid as possible.  I then mixed this with a tablespoon of turkey soboro for a different taste and texture.  A piece of nori wrapped around it.

Roasted regular and chioggi beets in heart shapes

Boiled quail egg + yellow cherry tomatoes from the garden


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    […] pepper – essentially, I took the ground turkey-carrot-celery-onion-ginger-garlic-oatmeal mixture from the meatballs, and stuffed them in pepper halves from our garden.  I baked them in a 350 oven for about 30 […]

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