Lingering end of summer bento

27 Sep

Pizza Day is on Tuesday this week, so my schedule is a bit off. 

For Monday, here was my daughter’s bento:

Baked chicken drumstick – seasoned with a little poultry seasoning and soy sauce

Carrot sticks and yellow cherry tomatoes (the garden still producing, but winding down)

Blanched watercress and edamame tossed with soy sauce + rice vinegar + sesame oil + sesame seed + olive oil dressing.

Multi-grain Onigiri with center of okaka (seasonedkatsuobushi), wrapped in nori


We spent a whirlwind weekend in Montauk this past weekend – where we zipped out to Sun ‘n’ Sound in Montauk where we tagged along to Papa’s good friend’s fiancée’s family reunion.  Despite the gray and drab day preceding the weekend, we were able to enjoy an absolutely gorgeous sunset in the evening.

Sailboat silhouette against sunset, Sun 'N Sound, Montauk

On the way back home the next day, we stopped at Hank’s Pumpkintown to let the girls run around in the play area, munch on a roasted corn ear, enjoy a ride around the pumpkin patch in the barrel train, and pick pumpkins.

I lamented the fact that my scheduling didn’t allow us to stop at Lobster Roll – a.k.a. Lunch or Clam Bar due to timing – but there’s always next year… (or a random road trip!)


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