Saturday Bento – one for you, one for me

27 Sep

Japanese school bento was packed for my older daughter – and my little one had her own bento to take to her Nanna’s.  Papa left on Friday to catch up with a dear friend of his, and his future in-law’s, so we had some time with a full-house of estrogen of all breeds – human, feline and canine.

Saturday bento included:

Baked turkey meatballs – ringed with shelled edamame

Boiled quail egg (and edamame)

Roasted beets in hearts

Blanched watercress, tossed with soy sauce, lemon juice and black sesame seeds

Multi-grain Onigiri with turkey soboro filling, wrapped in nori

The little one was extremely happy to have her own little lunch box to take to Nanna’s.  Her watercress is actually under her turkey meatball – her box didn’t have enough space for another silicone cup. 

My older daughter has a lunch box that coordinates with her backpack – red for English school, pink for Japanese school.  The little one has a lunch bag with ladybugs on them – she loves her ladybugs, and I hear her anxiously looking for her “Tentoumushi (ladybug) bag where are you?”


One Response to “Saturday Bento – one for you, one for me”

  1. PersephonesKitchen December 29, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    How I love your blog. I can almost see her searching, searching. Thank you for your posts. I love to catch up!

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