Thanksgiving 2011 and beyond!

30 Dec

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  There’s something so comforting about the smell of roasting turkey, vegetables and gravy – accented by my chaotic and frenzied cooking, while my husband, cool as a cucumber, wrinkles his nose and asks, rhetorically, “Do you really have to make the kitchen look like THIS?”

Ahem, Mr. I-rule-by-the-CIA‘s-mise-en-place-Rules.

You never seem to complain once everything’s served!

As in the past few years, I had a gorgeous turkey from Makinajian’s, roasted at 400 degrees until golden, two cups of water poured over the turkey, wrap the bird in foil, and continue cooking…. the exact recipe escapes my memory, but the Makinajian’s website does post the cooking instructions.  I promise to track this down and link to this entry.  **Here’s the link to the roasting instructions.

Roasted parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, teeny-tiny potatoes (Trader Joe’s), mashed potatoes, canned jellied and homemade whole cranberry sauces, gravy made with pan-sauce, white wine, celery, shiitake powder  (and a dash of soy sauce), as well as brussel sprouts accompanied the meal. 

Shortly after dessert was served, I had my carcass simmering away for stock.  No use waiting! 

I made the girls turkey-stock ramen.  Egg noodles, served in turkey stock soup (stock, salt, grated ginger juice – 1 tsp, soy sauce, white pepper) with warmed over turkey pieces, blanched watercress and bok choy, a poached egg topped with chopped scallions and 1 tsb sesame seeds.

A turkey shepherds pie – I took the left over turkey, chopped into 1/2 inch pieces, tossed with leftover gravy, layered with roasted vegetables, topped with the leftover mashed potatoes, and baked at the oven until everything is warmed up, and the top is browned… about 25 – 30 minutes at 300 degrees

With the exception of the egg noodles, sesame seed and ginger root, everything is sourced either from Makinajian’s or our own garden.  (The herbs have been hanging on in my yard). 

Who said Thanksgiving leftovers had to be boring?

and the holidays start marching in…!


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