Boxing Day 2011 and the dog door

5 Jan

As you may be aware by now, dear Reader, our beloved Nanna is originally from England.  Therefore, there are bits of British culture interspersed through our lives in various forms such as:

Papa must have HP Sauce with his eggs

Papa will devour countless tubes of Rowntree Fruit Pastilles if allowed, and he is also a connoisseur – he has sniffed at the Fruit Pastilles I discovered at the local Stop & Shop Supermarket’s International aisle, claiming the formula is much different than those he receives from Great Auntie B___ from London

My girls love having marmite with their toast (Nanna Marmite) – or poached eggs (“dip dip eggies!”) with marmite soldiers

I (as well as my parents in Japan) adore Colman’s mustard

I also love Branston Pickle, Picalilli, Pickled Onions and Mint sauce – the tangy kind, not the flourescent green one!

Papa calls a wash cloth, a flannel

Papa drinks a hot cup of tea with milk and sugar when he’s a little under the weather

Papa and his siblings LOVE Nanna’s Bird’s Custard

Papa used to insist we always use Bisto until a few years ago, when I started honing and polishing my gravy-making skills

Aside from everything else, we celebrate Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day.

This year, we went to Papa’s cousin’s house for Boxing Day.  They celebrate Boxing Day because Papa’s Aunt is also British.

We enjoyed a lovely brunch of various quiches, pancakes, salad and nibbles, with countless desserts and sweets.  The children then headed outside for some fresh air.

My little one discovered the perfect entrance suited for her size… the dog door.  Below is the photographic evidence. 

We all had a good chuckle, as she slipped in from outside (Papa was outside and caught her in action) in her Christmas finery, sliding into the kitchen, patent leather foot and head first.


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