Christmas 2011 breakfast

5 Jan

Weekend breakfasts at our house usually include buckwheat in the form of soba noodles, which the girls enjoy slurping up with their training chopsticks.  This allows Papa to sleep in, as he is one who must have been a cat in his past life – if he could sleep for 80% of his life, he would be content. 

For Christmas morning, I decided to forego the noodles, and make waffles with the awesome buckwheat pancake and waffle mix I found at the store.  I dusted (and washed) off the waffle iron that dwells in our storage closet, pre-heated it, and mixed the waffle batter together, following the recipe on the back of the bag.  The consistency was interesting – it was more elastic than the 100% whole wheat waffle batter I usually make, and the color was a pretty grayish color which reminded me of … soba noodles!

I ladled the batter into the waffle iron, and set out to make a breakfast that would rouse Papa out of bed.  (He retired after the kids opened their gifts at the crack of dawn).

We had scrambled eggs (Makinajian’s of course!), bacon, waffles with maple syrup that we enjoyed after pouncing on Papa to wake him up.

My brother and his family came over afterwards, and we had a nice time with them as we opened gifts. 

Then, more chaos as we rushed to another round of visiting with Nanna, and then her best friend, Auntie C____ for roast turkey (they are a Makinajian convert too!) and ham.

My girls and Papa were content – and I was even more content, as I parted Auntie C’__’s home, triumphantly, with the turkey carcass and ham bone to make stock and soup at home. 

The small pleasures of life!



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