Colorful Wednesday lunch

11 Jan

Last night, Papa surprised me with a lovely dinner, including a deliciously grilled steak, steamed asparagus, roasted purple potatoes, baked tomato, stuffed peppers with crusty French bread.  What a nice surprise after a long day of work.  Thanks Papa!

My daughter’s lunch benefitted from last night’s leftovers – mainly the purple potatoes and asparagus.  We’re still on a blackberry kick, so a couple of those, baked chicken drumette and wingette, and the last of the roasted chioggi beets cut into stars.

It was wonderful to watch the girls enjoy a family dinner – normally, we are so pressed with time, I’m simply racing against bedtime to get everyone fed, washed, and chores and lessons completed before they start rubbing their sleepy eyes.

“Mama, I picked the potatoes!” my older daughter proudly announced as she took her drinking glass to the sink.

“Mama, I like steak!” the little one added, bobbing her head.

If only dinner time was always like this!





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