Salvaging-my-onigiri bento

17 Jan

I try to incorporate as many grains as possible into our steamed rice – which is wonderful from a dietary standpoint, but for aesthetics and for ease of onigiri formation, I usually have to make small sacrifices.

Usually, onirigi are made with snowy white rice, wrapped with a tuxedo cummerbund of nori, a black belt smartly wrapped around the rice belly.  My onigiri are often a slight beige color, and often, a bit crumbly since the various grains aren’t as cohesive as white rice.

For Saturday school, I was going through my onigiri formation with my daughter’s favorite center of grilled salmon when the multi-grain rice decided to take matters into their own hand(s).  Despite my wet hands, the grains crumbled, crumbled, and crumbled across the kitchen counter.  It felt like making a sand-ball out of damp beach sand – the bits scattering across the counter, on to the floor, my greedy cat rushing to see if anything worth snatching had fallen to ground level.

I decided today’s rice was going to have a different arrangement – and I decided to put the rice into the rice “compartment,” and I flaked the salmon across the top. 

The cat was devastated, not a piece of delicious salmon fell to her level – and she wove, disappointed, around my legs, her tail wrapping around my knee.

Baked chicken drumette and wingette with carrot sticks

Blanched watercress with katsuobushi or shaved bonito flakes, soy sauce and a drop of lemon juice

Roasted beets in star shapes

The strip of nori was happily consumed by my daughter as a post-breakfast snack.

This Monday – an altered pizza day due to the shortened week – so no bento to pack!



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