Snowed out lunch

24 Jan

Japanese school was cancelled due to the snowfall, but I had put together a bento the night before – so I simply served it to the girls (the little one had one too) after their afternoon making snow angels in the yard.

They had:

Blanched snow peas

Steamed multi-grain topped with Japanese tsukemono or pickles – these are a bit salty, but I had bought them on a whim one day (a moment of homesickness) at the Japanese store, I thought it best to eat them, bit by bit.  The green pickles are minced cucumbers mixed with shiso buds, and the orange, gobo, or burdock pickles.  I really should take the plunge and make them myself, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet… The pickles are conventional, and I also suspect have a little color enhancer.

Roasted yellow beet stars

Grape tomatoes

Baked chicken wing, with soy sauce, lemon juice, and black pepper

Today is actually, Pizza Day, due to a modified schedule – so no bento!


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