Men men with soup marshmallows

27 Feb

The girls love their noodles, and we continue with our tradition of weekend noodles.

This weekend, Uncle K__ had come over – and for Papa, some Japanese beer, and for Mama, a most appreciated tub of cabbage kimchi

A quick soup base made with the leftover broth from nabe or hotpot earlier in the week was gussied up with a leftover chicken drumstick (already cooked), shiitake powder, grated ginger, grated daikon, and a  little salt.  

I then added thinly sliced carrots, thinly sliced daikon root, napa cabbage cut into 1-inch slices, simmered until tender.  By this time, the chicken drumstick meat is falling off the bones – and I shred the pieces, removing the skin and bones.  I lower the heat to low, and drop an egg into the soup to poach.  I find a frozen package of hanpen, and add it to gently warm up and fluff up in the broth.

In a separate pot filled with water, and brought to boil, the noodles are added.  These are the frozen udon noodles in the freezer section – and when they defrost, they are deliciously chewy and tender.

Once the noodles are done, I add them to the bowl.  I then scoop out the items that are done – the cooked carrots, daikon, egg (gently scooping out with a ladle) and the hanpen.  I blanch some scallions in the broth, while cutting up the raw white part into smaller pieces. 

I add a little bit of kimchi, as it is spicy – just a bit for taste, and ladle the soup over everything.  I garnish the bowl with the chopped scallion bits.  A quick drizzle of ponzu, and we’re ready to eat.

I confess – not the most elegant or traditional meal, but it’s a quick, comforting and hearty meal that everyone loves.  Not to mention, Uncle K___ certainly appreciated it after a late night of catching up with Papa.

The girls loved the hanpen, calling it soup marshmallows.  They are fluffy, savory bits that absorb the soup, and were a great hit.


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