End of February and a leap day 2012 bento!

29 Feb

Jiji and Baba sent over a new bento box after hearing I had inadvertently snapped off the handles to my daughter’s pink lunch box.

“I can’t wait!” she exclaimed, and bounded out of bed.

Tuesday’s bento box debut was a hit. 

Baked chicken wingette, steamed multi-grain rice with sesame seed and katsuobushi furikake, roasted beet hearts, homemade turnip slice pickles (soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and a little beet juice for color) and left over (conventional) dry-sauteed string beans from an earlier dinner.

All was well, I thought. 

Until I was running around today, the once-every-4-year visit of the 29th of February, when I couldn’t find the little black band that locked the bento box together.

As you can see in the picture below, the bento box consists of two stacked layers, with a middle insert separating the two.   The box is held together and “locked” shut with a black band…. that my younger daughter evidently pilfered and hid somewhere in the house.

Papa had picked the girls up, and had taken care of the evening routine, as I had to unexpectedly attend a wake for my daughter’s teacher’s son.

I should have realized the perils of having “loose” pieces that seem to grow legs and disappear through the house…

Hence today, I was back to the substitute tupperware until: A) the little one produces the coveted black band or B) I can come up with a viable alternative that is more than simply a rubber band.

Today’s bento included:

Chicken drumette and wingette

Sliced cucumber and carrot sticks

Turnip slice pickles

Leftover (conventional) chicken lo mein

I have to admit – my little one was extremely jealous of her older sister’s package that arrived from Japan. 

“Where’s MINE???” she insisted over Skype.

“We’ll bring it with us when we come to visit, ” promised Jiji and Baba – but at this point, my little one was shaking her head, and stomping  a socked foot.

“I want a bento box too!!” she announced.

“You can hold mine,” my older one offered – the little one grabbing the new bento box, shaking it, and saying, “Me too, me too, me too.”

This evening’s project will be to track down the missing band…


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