Spring time is almost here… ?

5 Mar

Monday is upon us again, and the warm winter – although appreciated from a heating bill standpoint – it’s been quite uneventful without any significant snow fall (no excuse for hot chocolate and marshmallows!), and small signs of spring in the form of tender flower shoots are popping up everywhere.

Papa and I enjoyed a relaxing evening by a fire-pit after the girls continued their Girl’s Day celebration with roasted marshmallows.

Sunday was a day filled with errands and chores, including cooking for the week.  Chicken thighs, drumsticks and beets were roasted, beet greens washed (well) and sautéed, veggies blanched and cut up…

Today’s bento included:

Sautéed beet greens with soy sauce and sesame oil

Blanched broccoli florets

Turnip and celery slices marinated in soy sauce + rice vinegar + white pepper + sesame oil

De-boned baked chicken drumstick seasoned with grated ginger, drop soy sauce, rice vinegar marinade

Tofu shirataki (macaroni shape!) that was added into the baking dish for the chicken, where it absorbed the marinade and juices

Tonight’s challenge is to finish cooking and storing… turkey meatballs, meat sauce or mabo-dofu… let the creative challenge begin!


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