Colorful Tuesday lunch

6 Mar

I decided to take another shot at using the new lunchbox – and found two rubber bands that were small enough to keep the lid sealed.

Today’s lunch includes:

Pink “men men” – Whole wheat linguine tossed with a sauce of marinara sauce, small pieces of blanched broccoli stem, thinly sliced (cooked) sweet Italian sausage, beet greens sautéed with crushed garlic in olive oil.  The beet greens add a gorgeous hue of pink to the overall dish, and it’s a nice way to incorporate them into a dish that can withstand the bleeding of the colors.

Roasted beets, sliced, tossed with a soy sauce-rice vinegar-sesame oil dressing

Sliced turnips and celery, tossed with a soy sauce-rice vinegar-mirin marinade

Blanched broccoli florets

Cucumber and carrot sticks


Baba located another lunch box band – so it should arrive shortly.  The little one loves to touch and move everything that does NOT belong to her… I am trying to find the perfect opportunity to put the Hinamatsuri dolls away, as the last thing I can handle right now, are bits and pieces traversing and playing hide-and-seek through the house.


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