A year already

12 Mar

It’s been a year already, since the 3/11 earthquake that rocked the Tohoku region of Japan.  The media coverage of the earthquake, followed by the terrifying tsunami is seared in my memory.  The subsequent Fukushima crisis had my brother and I glued to the television – cell phone texts and calls going back and forth between us, worried about our family and friends half across the world.

There are countless tales of sadness, grief and of loss.  There are similarly, countless tales of hope, grace, and resolve.

I can say I was merely born in Japan, yet, the culture and the way of life is engrained in me, thanks to my parents. 

My parents carried over a capsule of a Japan they knew, and they carefully and lovingly raised my brother and I in this capsule of “frozen” Japan time.  Often, I am told my mannerisms and attitudes are those that belong to the old-timers, old-school folks.

Although I am an ocean and a continent apart, Japan remains close to my heart, my mind, and my soul.

Ganbare Nihon! 

We are rooting for you across the ocean!

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