Thursday brings us closer to the weekend…

19 Mar

Thursday bento included:

Roasted Trader Joe’s pork tenderloin – I had seared the pork tenderloin, and roasted in a covered Corningware for 25 minutes at 325 degrees.  I let it rest, and allowed it to cool before slicing. 

Steamed multi-grain onigiri with a konbu (kelp) and tarako (cod roe) center.  I had picked this goodie up at the Japanese store.  The konbu is simmered in flavor-rich, soy-sauce and mirin, and julienned. 

Blanched string beans

Pickled turnips slices  and celery rib and leaves.  These sweet, crisp slices are marinated overnight (and beyond) in soy sauce, rice vinegar, slivered ginger, sesame oil and lemon juice for today’s version…  I’ll make a used marinara sauce jar full of this pickle – but between the girls and I, we quickly munch through an entire batch within 24 hours!  Often, I’ll start over the very next day with variations in the marinade.

Grape tomatoes


Papa is off to New Orleans with some friends – I’m trying to keep my wits and patience together with my foot, and the thought of maneuvering through the weekend activities on my own.  This too shall pass!


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