Spring’s here! Spring’s here!

20 Mar

It’s a glorious day on the east coast…

Today’s lunch included:

Chicken patty, sautéed, and cut into a star-shape.  It’s ground chicken, seasoned with garlic, cheese, parsley, salt and pepper – and I confess, was bought on impulse for convenience.  Wild by Nature, a natural foods store in our area that I haunt on occasion does a pretty good job with their products.  A bit pricier than Trader Joe’s though.

Blanched and well “wrung” watercress ohitashi seasoned with katsuobushi and a drop of soy sauce.  The key is to blanch the watercress in boiling water QUICKLY, then squeeze all the water out, well.

Blanched broccoli

Grape tomatoes

Multi-grain onigiri with okaka filling, wrapped in nori


Welcome spring!



One Response to “Spring’s here! Spring’s here!”


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