Wednesday hump day…

21 Mar

Dense fog blanketed the ground this morning – as though the clouds confused the ground for the sky.

Today’s bento included:

Baked chicken wing and drumette with Trader Joe’s 21 spice

Watercress ohitashi with katsuobushi  – I have such a positive reception when I serve this as a dinner side – both smile widely, their arms circling the air with their spoons, heads nodding, “Mmmm, Mama, this is my faaaaavorite!” they declare.

Carrot sticks and grape tomatoes

Sliced turnips and celery ribs and leaves, marinated in soy sauce, lemon juice, sesame oil and a crack of pepper

Multi-grain onigiri with okaka filling, wrapped in nori.  After a few days of half-eaten onigiri, I asked whether she preferred a sandwich.  “No, no, I just like little onigiri,” she added, forming a small circle with her fingers to demonstrate the EXACT size of choice.

“Ok,” I told her, giving her head a kiss. 

“Is this good?” I asked, as I struggled to make a small onigiri with a center that didn’t ooze, unsightly, out of the sides.

“Yes mama!” she replied. 

“But where’s my BENTO?” asked the little one.

Her onigiri was given quota was met at breakfast, as she happily peeled away the nori, and she took her finger and dug out her okaka center.  Then she carefully picked up the rest of the rice, and carefully chewed each mouthful.

Hopefully today, my older daughter’s onigiri joins the ranks of the rest of her bento items in her tummy!


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