Tuesday on a short spring week

3 Apr

My daughter’s school had a wonderful fund-raiser last fall, selling various types of bulbs for planting.

In previous years, I forgot to plant the bulbs before the ground froze, so I would frantically poke holes when spring arrived.  The flowers bloomed, but a bit off-season.

During this round, my daughter and I planted the bulbs together, heeding my green-thumb-ed co-workers’ advice of dropping several bulbs into one hole.  Previous attempts at bulb planting were often spaced too far apart – little wisps of green looked more weed-like than flowers as they wearily stretched upward.

This year, we were pleased to see fresh, light green leaves – in healthy bunches! – push upward around the pine trees in the front yard, around the mailbox, around the mulched areas…

Until I saw the flash of fuzzy brown and white – a smudge of long-eared fur that our dog can never keep up with.

The bunnies are out.  Devouring the plants… especially the lilies.

Hopefully some of our plants survive – and we’ll become even more smarter, next year.

Today’s lunch included:

Baked chicken leg, seasoned with oregano, thyme, salt and pepper.  Parchment paper handle wrapped around the bottom to keep hands – relatively – clean

Grape tomatoes


Persian cucumber slices

Cauliflower, marinated in soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil for two days.  The girls love this “quick” pickle – I’ve also marinated celery and turnip slices, which are quickly devoured.  I keep a jar in the fridge as often as possible – usually a used pasta sauce jar, run through the dishwasher, and then filled with the marinade and raw vegetables.  Sometimes I’ll add grated or slivered fresh ginger, other times, whole or smashed garlic – these add a different flavor nuance to the mix.




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