New Year, New Grade, New Challenge…

9 Apr

The past Saturday was the first day of the new school year. 

Japanese school runs year-round, from April to April, with a few weeks off for summer, winter, and spring break. 

A slight trepidation as we met our new teacher, as well as the new classmates (and parents…).

Saturday’s lunch, in honor of the new year+spring+Easter  holiday season, I included:

Boiled egg in bunny shape

Multi-grain onigiri with furikake seasoning, okaka filling, wrapped with a strip of nori

Pickled turnip slices (soy sauce, rice vinegar, drop of mirin, a pinch of salt)

Blanched broccoli 


Roasted beets in heart shapes

I am co-class mother for the year – my skills at janken, or rather, the lack of rock-paper-scissors skills resulted in my assignment of this position.

Amongst other responsibilities, the co-class mother must send out a weekly mailing (in Japanese) to the other parents.  I must say, my biggest concern is not the time commitment – but rather, how my Japanese email skills will hold up to the scrutinizing eyes of the other moms – whom are mostly native Japanese speakers…

Let the challenge begin!


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