Traditional, easy, natto-aboabo-shirasu dinner

11 Apr


I’m fortunate, in that my girls love natto, shirasu (baby sardines, steamed right after they are caught), as well as avocado slices over steamed, multi-grain rice.

My little one deftly picks up her rice bowl with her left hand, and expertly picks up a clump of rice, and pops it in her mouth. She then thoughtfully chews, and tells me, “Mama, I like natto!”

My older one carefully picks up the avocado slices, clockwise, and tells me, “I love abo-abo!” *They have called their respective blankies “Minuh’s” and they call their beloved avocado, “abo-abo.”

My parents watch this exchange over Skype, amused, and tell me how wonderful it is to see them enjoying such traditional food despite living outside of Japan.

I’m simply thankful it’s a quick, easy, healthy meal I can pull together in a few minutes (as long as the rice is ready!).


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