A moment of reflection

23 Oct

It’s frightening to realize, we are nearing the bottom half of the month of October – in 2013.  Although my blogs haven’t been updated diligently, I carry a photographic journal of the bentos I pack for my girls – the oldest in first grade this September, and the little one, on her second round of Pre-K.

What has changed since the chaos of the last entry?

Not much – except for the fact, momentarily, I became complacent… and then a mudslide… allowed myself to lean on the photographic crutch of my iphone photo album of hundreds of pictures of bento, with no accompanying text.

Yet, I know I look back, and know that I carry the same principles… but I haven’t tended to my medium of dealing with my own personal struggles.  Yes, dear reader, my blog – it is an outlet for me to memorialize a day’s lunch in physical form – I’m forgoing the physical hugs, kisses, hand holding, the after school play-dates, dance lessons, cooking time…. for my role as co-breadwinner and career woman, capable of holding her end of the bargain.  My blog, it is a tangible composition of working mother’s guilt, woven through the daily, weekly and seasonal planning of food in the hopes, one day, perhaps my girls will realize, I hold them so dear to my heart….

I digress.

I have many updated bentos I haven’t uploaded, as well as food experiences.  Between my noodle bonanza and now, I’ve had a trip to Japan to visit family (with shameless eating!!), as well as the routine of my beloved bento production for the girls, I will find that sliver of dedicated time to etch my culinary accomplishments and dedication into this little corner of cyberspace!

Below is the girls’ first day of American school bento… the request was, “Mama, I want okra with the shoyu and katsuobushi topping, and edamame.

Mama complied!




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