A step off of the beaten path

13 Jun

I’m used to trudging along my daily routine. Get up, pack bento, choose outfits for girls, make breakfast (may it NOT be cereal and milk), braid hair, shoo H out of the house to ensure she makes bus, get ready for work, herd little one to car, drop off at school, drive to work, and WORK.

Sometimes a hiccup sets my schedule way off course. Other days, I arrive at work unruffled, early, and presentable.

Needless to say, today was an off-day with the little one’s pre-K performance taking over prime time from 11:30 – noon, and my attempts to work remotely being thwarted by every other element.

I’m happy to say, I managed a run to Kerber’s Farm – a farm stand I’ve watched over the past 18 years go from functioning farm stand to neglect – and then to rebirth.

I will post a photo of my indulgence of the day that left me with massive “workout” guilt, addressed with “but-this-was-so-incredibly-delicious” indignation.

Fried egg and roasted vegetables on a homemade cheddar biscuit…. Inhaled in two minutes, BEFORE I reached route 110, less than two miles away.

If I were a cat, my paws would have been washing my eyebrows, and behind my ears.

Visit the farm! 309 West Pulaski Road Huntington, NY 11743


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