We’re living in a material world, and although I love being a “material” mom, I don’t like seeing the prepackaged, mass-produced, commercialized crap that is pushed into our kids’ mouths.   I’m an advocate of an open mind for all aspects of life – including food.

I was raised Japanese in America – we’ve come a long way from the mid 70’s when people would cringe at the mere thought of “sushi” or the “shogun” inspired stereotype of barbaric consumption of raw fish.   My lunch always was a meticulously prepared bento box – BEFORE it was trendy.  I was fortunate to have attended an international school where no one made fun of my rice balls wrapped in nori, or cellophane noodles with veggies.

I hope to instill the same love of adventure and exploration of the culinary world in my children, and to teach them to respect other cultures – even if they are unsettled by the uniqueness of the dish or concept.

I try to purchase local, organic produce where possible – and unless mentioned otherwise, all ingredients are organic.  Certainly a challenge, but seeing my children happy and healthy make every effort worthwhile.



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3 Responses to “About”

  1. spenmax February 7, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    As always, in your simple and elegant prose – thank you for such an incredible compliment. I will figure out this technology so I can become more efficient at posting, cross-posting (gulp, a ping-back ?!) and continue the quest for the perfect meal – be it bento or dinner. I’m letting my father know as well – he is my master of noodles!
    Thank you very much, and on to more bentos!


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