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Saturday bento for two (three and four)

19 May



Saturday bento!

Roasted beets in shapes – kitty for the older one, heart for the younger one

Watercress ohitashi – blanched watercress, water well drained, cut into bite sized pieces. Seasoned with katsuobushi flakes (dry, cured, shaved bonito) with a drop of soy sauce

Pickled cauliflower with lemon juice, rice vinegar, mirin soy sauce and grated ginger

Hard boiled eggs – various shapes – heart, star (and not shown) and bear

Multi-grain onigiri with turkey soboro center filling, wrapped in nori. Baba’s onigiri had an umeboshi center.

Grilled chicken from earlier this week, de-boned

We stopped by the Japanese store after class – Baba picked up my daughter’s favorite, daifuku, or ankoh, or sweetened red bean paste, wrapped in mochi, or rice cake. What a treat!