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First quarter wrap up…

2 Apr

It’s hard to believe April has swept in so quickly.  The first quarter of the year, over, and we embark on the climb to the mid-year point.

In the past few weeks, I’ve found myself in an interesting position.

Normally, I’m manuevering through all my obstacles on my own – but these days, I’m hobbling from place to place, the rhythmical “tap tap” of the cane giving away my presence.  I waddle, crab-like, through the house, whether it be carrying armloads of laundry (we are going through our night training stage) 0r trying to convince the girls it’s ABSOLUTELY bedtime.

Some days are overwhelming – the thought of visiting a client in New York City almost had me in tears when I thought of the distance and stairs I would have to climb at the local train station, as well as at my destination.  My weekend shopping routine is hampered with the thought of how and where I’m going to manage everything with a bum foot.  A co-worker left me a bunch of flowering branches and a note, telling me to hang in there.

Perhaps it’s the part where I have to ask for help – when I’m used to being able to do things on my own, at my own pace, with my own ability.

Either way, I can’t wait until I’m zipping about again!

A catch up session of last week’s bento…

Monday, I sent my daughter into school with Matzo ball soup in chicken stock and vegetables (carrots, celery, zucchini, onion and broccoli).  I picked up a love for this very comforting food during my early adulthood – I had a few years of close exposure to traditional Jewish comfort food.  I was introduced to matzo ball soup, kasha varnishkas, kugel,whitefish salad – and I especially loved when my roommate’s mother sent her back to college with these goodies after the holidays.

To this day, I reach out to my girlfriend to find out which brand of matzo meal I should use – she prefers Streit’s and Croyden House.  I know she chuckles, knowing I often “Japan-ize” the soup, adding soy sauce, ginger and scallions…

Needless to say, my daughter both love “ballie soup” and enjoy having it often.

The rest of the week included:

Tuesday, I cheated, and sent in left over take-out, which was katsudon, which is fried chicken cutlet, cooked with dashi and egg, atop steamed rice. 

Wednesday included:

Whole wheat penne pasta with marinara sauce

Baked chicken leg

Roasted beets in star shapes

Turnip and celery, marinated in soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil

Thursday included:

Baked chicken wing and drumette

Blanched broccoli and sugar snap peas

Roasted beet heart

Multi-grain onigiri with okaka filling, wrapped with nori

Friday – was pizza day!


The spring break that wasn’t

25 Apr

I had grand ideas of how I was going to take my older daughter to New York City to the museum or the Central Park Zoo or even the Bronx Zoo during her week off from school.  I was contemplating how to fit it all into my schedule – but come Monday, at work, my head was starting to hurt, and I couldn’t stop shivering.

Monday night I willed myself to pick the girls up at daycare, and somehow managed to get them fed, bathed, and in bed. 

I then went to bed myself, with layers of blankets, sweat pants and sweatshirts – and still couldn’t stop shivering.  As much as I hate taking medicine, I took a full dose of cold medicine and went to bed.

The next day, I couldn’t move.

My older daughter crawled into bed, and every movement she made in the bed rattled every bone in my body.  I somehow managed to get both girls fed and dressed, and had my husband drop them off at daycare.

I figured if I slept for a little bit, I’d feel better.

I was wrong.

I managed to pick up both girls from daycare, and again, willed myself to get home, while every hair follicle seemed to throb on my scalp, and if I didn’t know any better, I would have been convinced I had cotton-mouth in the back of my throat. 

I don’t remember how I got the girls fed, bathed and in bed – but I remember crawling into bed, again, in layers, wondering why nothing I took was working. 

Turns out, I had strep throat.

All warm, fuzzy feelings of a mother-daughter bonding spring vacation went out the window, and I was relieved when I was able to pick up the antibiotics.  My older daughter looked at me, worriedly, and asked, “Mama, does every hair still hurt?”  I reassured her I would be fine.

My only regret was that I lost two valuable days I could have simply taken the time off to enjoy with the girls.

I knew I was in trouble when I started losing my appetite…  the only things I could seem to stomach was soup.  I craved a nice bowl of matzo ball soup, but I couldn’t will myself to drive out in search of any, and I was simply too sick to start making at home.  I relied on Chinese take-out which didn’t have the same allure – although hot and sour soup does do wonders for your sinuses – but limited when your throat feels as though it wants to pop off your head.

Hence – no, it wasn’t mikkabouzu, but a legitimate reason as to why I was absent from my blog…

P.S. As soon as I was able to think and function again, Friday, I went to Makinajian’s and picked up chicken and soup ingredients, and made a huge pot of stock.  I then made matzo ball soup – and managed to make them without a “pit” in the middle of them.  They certainly hit the spot.