When I get homesick…

13 Jun

As a child, my father, the stereotypical Japanese business man, often played golf on Sundays.

My mother, the dutiful wife, was left at home, tending to the chaos of home life with the children (my brother and I).

My father was left to his own devices – and he made a quick breakfast of instant ramen with the protein addition of a raw egg. Common process in Japan (tsukimi udon, tsukimi soba) but a freakish contribution of endless debate and derision by many over here….

Personally, my argument is, if the egg is fresh and the poultry farmer known, I am willing to take the leap…

Needless to say. I would wake up after my father left – often, the ramen broth left behind, and I would happily finish off as Sunday “Golf Ramen” – wishing Sundays happened more often so I can enjoy the remnants of my father’s rushed breakfast.

Three decades later, ramen is now trendy, widely accepted in American culture -ranging from gourmet Zagat NYC dining to college dormitory survival essentials.

On those days I have a brief moment to breathe – or I’m so homesick for a bowlful of noodles in savory, hearty, fragrant broth topped with generous toppings – and the company of forgiving and understanding colleagues who don’t mind my inhaling and slurping my noodles, I escape to the local Japanese eatery – Shiro of Japan – to enjoy their ramen special.

Wednesday. Wednesday, my dear reader, is the key day!!!

20140613-005333-3213607.jpgRamen day at Shiro restaurant 401 Old Country Road Carle Place, NY


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